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Courage to be Curious with Adina Tovell

Adina Tovell

Which question will be the one to transform your life, your leadership, and your most precious relationships for the better? After feeling shamefully frustrated at the age of 43 that I could not answer the simple question, ‘What makes you happy,’ I went on a quest to find the answer. I couldn’t locate it in the many books I read, people I talked to, or adventures I pursued. Rather, the answer was revealed over time as I asked myself a simple question again and again and had the willingness and patience to discover the answer. Since that moment, I have embraced Courageous Curiosity as a way of life and this podcast is where I - along with my valued guests - share how we engage with courageous curiosity. It has absolutely transformed our lives, our leadership, and our relationships, and we are excited to see how it will transform yours for the better as well.